Is Nostalgia a Danger to Video Games?

Video games have come an immense way since the birth of the industry. The technology used to create the original Spacewar! in the early 1960s seems to be of a completely different world from the current AAA games with their hyper-realistic graphics and incredible virtual worlds. But despite the technological advancements, the modern gamer still tend to keep their distance from new titles, in order to look back on a time of games past.
Is this nostalgia a tendency obstructing the development of the medium?

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What are Game Mechanics?

Despite “game mechanics” being one of the most mentioned phrases of game production and consuming alike, as I entered the Games Design course at LCC, it occurred to me that I – or any of my classmates – did not actually have a clear definition of what they are.

So I entered on a journey, attempting to find out what exactly game mechanics are, and if they are definable at all.

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