About Me


Hi! My name is Amalie.

I am a Games Design apprentice currently studying at London College of Communication.

Before enrolling at LCC, I worked as a freelance artist, doing anything from illustrating board-games to graphic design.
I also have experience in creative writing. I have – for the past decade – hosted multiple interactive writing-projects, involving more than 100 people actively expressing themselves, and working together to tell a unique story, as part of a creative community.

Building on top of these skills, I am now on the adventurous path of getting to know as much about Games and the psychology behind them as possible.

This blog contains my personal reflections on the theories I am subjected to every single week at LCC.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and rambles.
If you do, make sure to say hi!



(The drawings or photos appearing on this site which does not have any obvious credit is made, or taken by myself.)